Tetra Level 1 Safety System Course

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Course Overview

The Tetra Level 1 Safety System Course delivers a minimum of 7 hours of both theory and practical instruction and is offered in partnership with Tetra.

This course addresses the working at height requirements when using portable ladders for short duration access. We aim to provide each candidate with the underpinning knowledge and practical skills to safely use fall protection equipment with leaning ladders when accessing property elevations. During this training, delegates will be introduced to 1 working level where equipment is used for fall protection.

This course consists of a training room lecture, DVD presentation, written assessment, practical training and assessment.

This course is aimed at personnel who use portable leaning ladders for short duration access, who have already been trained to use and inspect those ladders, but are currently operating without any means to prevent a fall. Knowledge and experience of safety harness use is an advantage.

Since the safe use of ladders and FPE requires that delegates consult safety notices and read and thoroughly understand the manufacturer’s instruction manual, English literacy and language comprehension are important requirements for any tower user.

Please note that delegates will be expected to work at height whilst climbing ladder and using the TETRA Safety System, so please ensure delegates are in good health and do not have a fear of heights that may preclude them from taking part in the practical assessment.

Delegates will require to prove previous training and experience in ladder use before attending this course.

All delegates attending must have a TETRA Safety Kit in order to take part in the practical assessment. This is a requirement of TETRA.

Delegates will gain an understanding of current relevant legislation and be able to use the TETRA Safety System effectively on leaning ladders, in line with current approved methods and manufacturer’s instructions.

At the end of the theory session, delegates will take a short multiple choice test. If delegates successfully pass the test, they will then move onto the practical assessment, where they will have to work from a height of approximately 6m.

Successful delegates will receive a Kentec TETRA E- Certificate of Training, valid for 3 years

Successful delegates will gain a working understanding of the Tetra Ladder Safety system, current relevant legislation and best practice on ladders and be able to carry out a pre-use inspection on the Tetra Ladder Safety kit components.

The course Includes:

  • An Appreciation of UK legislation including the Work at Height Regulations.
  • Understand the difference between fall arrest / work restraint and the importance of correct anchorage.
  • Understand method for fitting, usage and inspection of equipment specified for this course.
  • Outline the access procedures for portable ladder.
  • Completion of practical exercises using, fitting equipment and securing the ladder.
  • Conducting a practical ladder exercise at a height of approximately 6 metres. (This height is given for guidance only. It does not place an absolute limit on the activities of trainees following a course).
  • Self Rescue Awareness
  • Completion of a written assessment to confirm understanding of course content.

"Really good instructor, learnt a lot from theory and practical side"
- Owen Browne

"Fantastic! really enjoyed the course"
- Shane Thomson

"All items of training presented and explained very well, happy with the training and kit I took away with me"
- Charlie Broomfield

"Very informative, friendly and fun! Thank you to my instructor"
- Mark Oakley<

"Very good course and a brilliant instructor"
- Ian Ashley