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7th Mar 2019

Top Tips for Manual Handling

Manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace and accounts for over a third of all injuries. We explore some of the control measures that can help ensure safe practices are adopted throughout your workforce, reducing the risk of injury.
5th Dec 2018

How can you protect your staff from RPE hazards?

There are good reasons why organisations that need to use respiratory protective equipment (RPE) should follow Health and Safety regulations with care and no corners should be cut here. Here, we review how best to protect staff and comply with the law.
2nd Nov 2018

Understanding the NEBOSH Command Words

A huge part of the NEBOSH General Certificate exams are understanding the command words and what the question is asking of you. Here we explore the different words and what you need to do to ensure you answer the questions in the right way!
30th Oct 2018

Halloween Offers from Kentec Training

We have some spoooooky offers available for our customers to help celebrate Halloween! Call us on 0333 666 0555 to take advantage of these deals!
10th Sep 2018

What are the benefits of a trained workforce?

What are the benefits of a trained workforce? Why is it so important to invest in your staff? We examine the reasons why health and safety training is so important for every company.
18th Jul 2018

HSE releases its annual figures for work related fatal injuries in Great Britain

The HSE has released its annual figures for work-related fatal injuries for 2017/18 showing that between April 2017 and March 2018 a total of 144 workers were fatally injured.