What our clients say about us

Customer feedback is important to us, here are some of the many comments made by training delegates after attending training courses. All of the testimonials below are genuine and have not been altered or amended in anyway. They are all as written on our post-course evaluations by the course candidates and as such full supporting evidence is on file.


Scott PattersonClive Phillips attended a recent PASMA Tower for Users course and upon successfully completing the course stated that “The instructor, Steve Booker, was very professional in his theory and practical testing. The course was very informative in the time he had to teach and examine everyone. I was very impressed with this course. I now feel more confident in erecting a tower system”

Darren Goss was pleased to have passed both theory and practical assessments on his PASMA course and wrote that he felt the training was “Very well explained and good course with lots of information, will be recommending James Carter”

Bradley Clayton commented after completing his PASMA Tower for Users course “Excellent course. The trainer was very knowledgeable and pitched the course at just the right level. Will thoroughly recommend to others”

Steve Reeves completed his PASMA Tower for Users course and wrote “Every topic was well explained by Steve Booker, probably the best training day I have attended”

Remigijus Gadeikis attended his PASMA Tower for Users course worried that the language barrier might create problems for him. Our lead instructor Steve put his mind at ease, providing full support where needed to ensure that language was not an issue. Remigijus went on to successfully complete his course achieving a good result in both theory and practical assessments and needed very little assistance other than the translation of the odd word. After the course he wrote “Steve delivered a very good course and knowledge throughout the day. I would recommend this course to my work colleagues”

Sabrina Mallem completed her PASMA Tower for Users CourseĀ  and stated “The training was very informative, James was very up beat and made what is usually quite boring training more entertaining. Particularly enjoyed the practical”

Timothy Mann completed his PASMA Tower Course and said it “Will allow me to erect mobile towers quicker, safer and more efficiently. A very informative and helpful course. The training centre was idea for this training course”

Lee Hubble start his first PASMA Tower course and was keen to state that it was “One of the best training days I have attended, Steve made it enjoyable and informative”


Elijah HowellStephen Walsh attended his IPAF Operator Course with our senior instructor, James Carter. After successfully completing the course he said “I found James to be very informative, he delivered the course content in a clear and concise fashion, Very Good!”

Richard Miles was happy to have completed his IPAF Operator Course and the support he received from his instructor, Darren Painter. He said “A Great Day, very informative and presented by Darren in an easy to understand way and with good humour”

David Miller was new to MEWPs and was worried his lack of experience would hinder his successful result. He had not accounted for the unrivalled support Kentec instructors give all of their candidates when under their instruction. He successfully passed his course and stated “Excellent course, very well explained and all questions answered professionally however trivial they may have appeared”

Stewart Marsh had a panic when he and his operators were forced to stop work as they could not provide evidence of their competence to their client. Stewart and his colleagues were a long standing experienced MEWP operators. Due to Kentec having three senior IPAF instructors we were able to arrange a full IPAF Operator Course at very short notice, which they successfully completed. A relieved Stewart stated “I really appreciate the friendly warm service and the prompt dealing of our urgent need for IPAF training”

John Underbridge, an experienced MEWP operator said “Great Job !!, One of the best courses I have ever been on. The instructor was really helpful and knew his stuff”


Robert Smith attended a Kentec Abrasive Wheel Course recently and even though he was previously trained and had many years of experience, was keen to state that “Steve really knows abrasive wheels, much better than other abrasive wheel courses I have been on, so much more info”


Keith Hole, a senior safety manager at one of the major utility services and chartered member of IOSH said after completing our CAT & Genny Training Course “Kentec Training deliver outstanding training on the use of Cat and Genny equipment. The training is both informative and delivered with good style and pace. The practical session as well as the classroom section ensure all staff that may need to rely on this piece of equipment for their safety can do so with confidence”


Simon Sheppard was very enthusiastic after successfully completing the Ladder Association Ladder & Step Ladder User’s Course saying that he found the course to be “Very informative, good content. Probably one of the most enjoyable & fluent courses I’ve attended”

John Barker had been using ladders for many years without incident. He attended the Ladder Association Ladder & Step Ladder User’s Course to enable him to meet the criteria demanded from his client. However he found the course informative and learnt that there is more to ladders than just climbing them. He said “Friendly instructor, informative, useful with good food & drink. Taught rules and regs and helped explain fully the do’s and don’ts of using ladders and working at heights”


George RossJeff Walker had extensive experience using Safety Harnesses whilst working at height and attended our Safety Harness – Level 1 (Basic) course. He commented “As a Supervisor it has increased my awareness of bad practice as well as the necessary steps and checks to ensure myself and work colleagues go home safe and well”

Mike Warren successfully completed his Safety Harness – Level 1 (Basic) Course and remarked, “Training was excellent, no improvements needed. Excellent quality of training, attention to detail means that you retain the necessary information easily”