eCAT4 Data Logging Course

eCAT4 Data Logging CourseThe latest course in our range of Cable Avoidance Tool training covers the correct use and data logging functions for the Radiodetection eCAT4 & eCAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tools which combines all the ground breaking safety features of the Radiodetection CAT4 models with an array of advanced on-board data acquisitioning tools.

Developed as part of the Radiodetection CAT4 design, the eCAT4 incorporates the enhanced Avoidance Mode allows the operator to check an intended excavation area for Power, Radio and Genny signals simultaneously, pinpointing buried utilities in a single scan.

Features such as the bar-graph ‘tidemark’ enable an operator to quickly spot a peak response and zero-in on a buried conductor. Our eCAT4 Data Logging Course will instruct each delegate attending in the correct methods of use and understanding of these functions and features to ensure they use these instruments effectively and efficiently in the workplace. The additional 131kHz frequency provides a strong trace signal and a longer range when inducted by the Genny4. Whilst the optional StrikeAlert feature minimises the risk of hitting a shallow buried cables.

Course SummaryData Logging Course

  • Open Course Price: £150.00 + vat per person (£180.00 inc vat)
  • On Site Course Price: Call for a quotation
  • Delivery Method: Classroom & Outdoor Practical
  • Maximum Class Size: 8
  • Assessment: Multiple Choice Examination and Practical Assessment
  • Duration: 1 Day Course
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Awarding Body: Kentec Training
  • Certification: Certificate of Training and ID Card (valid for 3 years)

Who Should Attend The eCAT4 Data Logging Course

Our eCAT4 Data Logging Course is suitable for anyone involved in excavation work including excavation operators, utilities personnel and supervisors and managers who use the SPX Radio Detection eCAT4 or eCAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tools especially those who wish to utilise the data logging facility. No previous experience is necessary although some practical experience of use cable avoidance tools, groundwork and excavations would be beneficial.

What Will You Get From The Course

When carrying out any excavation work for utility or other purposes, it is important to ensure that all underground services are effectively located and avoided. This popular course includes the following:
  • The Reasons for Using Locators Safety
    • Plans
    • HSG47
  • The Theory of Locating ServiceseCAT4 Data Logging Course in the UK
  • Range of Modes
    • Avoidance Locate (A)
    • Power Signal Locate (P)
    • Radio Signal Locate (R)
    • Generator Signal Locate (G)
    • Depth Measurements
  • Range of Features available on eCAT4 & eCAT4+
    • Dynamic Overload Protection
    • Depth Estimation
    • Strike Alert
    • Swing Warning
    • Data Logging
    • CAL Safe
    • Service Due Indicator
    • eCert
  • An outside practical session using the SPX eCAT4 and eCAT4+
  • Practical data logging, transfer and analysis session

eCAT4 Data Logging Course – Open Course Schedule

To reserve a place on our open course schedule for the eCAT4 Data Logging Course follow the links below for your preferred open course date, or to speak to one of our training consultants please contact us on:

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