Kentec News : Kentec Invests in new PASMA Training Van Kentec News : Kentec Invests in new PASMA Training Van



Kentec Invests in new PASMA Training Van

We have just taken delivery of our latest truck to enable on-site training for the full range of PASMA Training Courses especially the PASMA Towers for Users course. It is fitted out with both single and double width BoSS Mobile Access Towers and enabled for both 3T and AGR assembly methods. On board is also the Youngman BoSS 700 Solo Tower, Solo 700 Stairmax and Adjusta-Minit Podiums to facilitate the PASMA Low Level Access and PASMA Towers on Stairs Training courses as well.

We have often found that when asked to facilitate PASMA Training Courses at our clients sites, they will hire in mobile access towers for the purpose of the training only for us to find that they are damaged or components are missing and can not be used for training purposes. This results in the delay or postponement of the training. Kentec have for many years supplied the mobile access towers for training with our instructors arriving on site pulling a trailer. Although this is still available we feel the new van offers better security and ease of parking, especially in London where we carry out the majority of on-site PASMA training.

If you are interested in booking an onsite PASMA course, please give us a call on 0333 666 0555.