Forklift Courses

There are many types of forklift truck available, with each designed to suit a specific purpose. We can provide training on counterbalance, reach, pivot steer and rough terrain telehandler machines.

Our courses are accredited through RTITB, so you can be sure they comply with the latest current regulations and are of the highest quality. We provide training for novices, experienced users, those who require refresher training and those looking to convert their certification to another type of machine. Click the course icons below for more information...

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RTITB Counterbalance Fork Truck Courses

A counterbalance forklift is the most common type of truck used in the UK. The counterbalance truck works using a counterbalance weight design, where there load carried at the front of the machine is offset by the weight at the rear. We provide training on the following categories:

  • B1 - up to 5000kg
  • B2 - 5001kg to 15000kg



RTITB Reach Fork Truck Courses

The 'Reach' truck refers to the machines ability to extend beyond their stabilising legs. The truck has the capability to reach heights in excess of 10m while operating in narrow working environmentals such as warehosues. We provide training on the following categories:

  • D1 - 3-8m lift
  • D2 - over 8m lift



RTITB Rough Terrain Truck (Telescopic Handler) Courses

This type of forklift truck is often referred to as a 'telehandler' or 'telescopic handler'. These machines are often widley used in the construction industry due to their adaptability and maneouverabrility. We provide training on the following categories:

  • J2 - up to 9m lift
  • J3 - over 9m lift


RTITB Pivot Steer Fork Truck Courses

The Pivot Steer truck is commonly referred to as a 'bendi' or 'flexi' truck. The machine is suited to working in tight, narrow environments due to its swing mast, which allows the forks to swing at a 90 degree angle either side of the machine. We provide training on the following categories:

  • P1 - Rider
  • P2 - Pedestrian