Kentec News : What rescue plans are there for towers? Kentec News : What rescue plans are there for towers?



What rescue plans are there for towers?

What rescue plans are there for towers? It is a simple question but one that is often overlooked...

Following investigation by PASMA, difficulties have been found in defining the answer to this question. With so many variations in circumstances that may be encountered when using mobile towers – it is near on impossible to give any specific guidance regarding rescue plans.


The best method to adopt when considering the best potential methods or rescue would be to contemplate the general hierarchy of measures;

  • Self-help comes first i.e. the person descending the tower without outside assistance
  • Next is an assisted descent i.e. the person is capable of descending the tower with the assistance of others
  • Last would be a professional rescue i.e. the person is totally incapacitated and is incapable of descending the tower, therefore needing to be removed from the tower entirely by others trained to do so (so professional medical or rescue services that have the sufficient knowledge and skills to successfully carry out such a rescue without causing further injury)


If you manage Mobile Access Towers in the work place and need training in how to cover stability, competence control and rescue plans then take a look at our PASMA Towers for Managers page or call one of our Sales Team today.