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Safety Harness Inspection Service

Kentec Training are now offering a formal inspection service for Safety Harnesses & Lanyards due to a high demand from clients who understand the need for formal inspection of their Fall Protection Equipment (FPE) in order to comply with PUWER Regulation 6.

The formal inspection of such items should be carried out by a competent person before use and at intervals not exceeding 6 months (reduced to 3 months where the equipment is used in arduous or hazardous conditions), and after circumstances that are likely to have affected the integrity and safety of the equipment.

Kentec Training's Safety Harness and Lanyard Inspection service is available either at our training centre in Tonbridge, where you can drop your safety harnesses, lanyards and associated equipment off, alternatively if you have a large number of items to be inspected, at your premises or site. The cost of this service is as follows:

  • 1 or 2 Point Safety Harness: £10.00 + vat each
  • Rigging or Multi Point Safety Harness: £15.00 + vat each
  • Restraint Lanyards: £7.50 + vat each
  • Work Positioning Lanyard: £7.50 + vat each
  • Fall Arrest Lanyard with Integral Arrest Pack: £9.50 + vat each
  • Connector/Karabiner: £4.50 + vat each
  • Associated Fall Arrest/Restraint Products: Price Upon Enquiry

These detailed inspections are carried out in accordance with the recommendations set in BS8437:2005 and the manufacturer's guidance. Your harness will be returned, if safe and fit for use, with an inspection report and tagged for easy identification of the individual item and its next inspection date.

Should your item fail the inspection and is deemed unsafe, out of date or otherwise not fit for use, we can order in new replacement items for you if required. For further information, or to book your inspection service, please contact us today.