Kentec News : Prosecution Highlights need for Abrasive Safety Training Kentec News : Prosecution Highlights need for Abrasive Safety Training



Prosecution Highlights need for Abrasive Safety Training

The British Abrasives Federation (BAF) has warned against the dangers of insufficient abrasive wheel training after the prosecution of a metal component manufacturer who failed to provide a worker with adequate training to use a hand-held grinder.

The 20-year-old worker was left with a fractured skull and severe facial injuries after a grinding wheel broke from the hand-held grinder he was using at work. The man underwent significant treatment for his injuries including a 5-hour operation to remove a piece of bone that was touching his brain. After a thorough investigation, it was found that the worker had not been properly trained in the safe use of such machinery or the proper precautions to be taken whilst changing wheels.

After the hearing, a HSE inspector said:

"It is vital that workers who use hand-held grinders get appropriate training in their safe use and in how to change the grinding wheels properly. Most importantly, operators need to know how to identify defects. Had this worker undergone such training, he may have been able to identify the defective wheel prior to using it”.

Not only is it a legal requirement under the PUWER 98 regulation in the United Kingdom that specifiers, buyers and operators using abrasives are trained in their safe use, it is also essential that this training is carried out to the highest possible standard.

Kentec have undergone a detailed and exacting audit process in order to ensure the continued delivery of such high standard abrasives training, meaning you can rest assured that our courses are up to date and industry informed. For more information on our abrasive wheel courses, click here.