Kentec News : Do you know what goes into a Ladder Inspection? Kentec News : Do you know what goes into a Ladder Inspection?



Do you know what goes into a Ladder Inspection?

Are you aware of the complex nature of a ladder inspection? Many people overlook the importance of what seems like such a menial task, unaware of the potential dangers they are causing themselves and others.

It is vital under the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR) to ensure the safety of your operatives whilst using ladders – this means that thorough pre-use checks must be carried out along with a schedule of detailed and recorded formal inspections. Despite the additional time it may take to carry out a suitable ladder inspection, it is essential that ladders are deemed safe before first use. Neglecting to carry out these simple pre-use checks can result in serious or even fatal injuries. 

The following pre-use checks should be carried out daily before use of any equipment, please note the below list provides a basic overview;

  • Check the stiles – make sure they are not bent or damaged
  • Check the feet & end caps – if they are missing, worn or damaged the ladder could slip. Also check ladder feet when moving from soft/dirty ground to make sure the end caps are clean and in proper contact with the floor.
  • Check the rungs – are they cracked, bent, worn, missing or loose?
  • Check the fixings – are they worn, or missing? Also, double check the tightness of all fixings.
  • Check any locking mechanisms – if they are bent or the fixings are worn or damaged the ladder could collapse. Ensure any locking bars are engaged.
  • Check the stepladder platform – if it is split or buckled the ladder could become unstable or collapse.
  • Check the steps or treads on stepladders – if they are contaminated they could be slippery; if the fixings are loose on steps, they could collapse.
  • Check the guide brackets – check the guides are present, and the fixings holding them in place are present and tight – failure in the stiles usually results in ladder collapse

For further information and a more in-depth analyses of the ladder inspection process, we offer the L.A Ladder & Step Ladder Combined User & Inspection Course which upon completion allows successful delegates to use and work from ladders & step ladders safely, carry out both a pre-use and formal inspection and create and maintain the associated records of inspection.

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