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Kentec launch partnership with Imaginarium Learning & Development

Effective and forward thinking organisations understand the need to engage employees and create a positive working environment. Whilst working with employees on a one to one level to ensure their mental health and wellbeing are being empowered, it is also vital to address these issues at an organisational level to ensure consistency and commitment from all involved. Many mental health training programmes are quick to tell employers what they should be doing, but few give practical advice and strategies on how this is achieved effectively.   

Therefore, we have partnered with Joe Cheal from Imaginarium Learning & Development. He has been involved in the field of management and organisational development since 1993. He holds an MSc in Organisational Development, a degree in Philosophy and Psychology and diplomas in Coaching and Psychotherapy. Together we have developed the Positive Mental Health Toolkit for Supervisors/Managers Course.

The aim of this course is to equip managers and supervisors with a ‘toolbox’ of ideas and strategies they can implement in the workplace to help deal with stress and performance in staff. It provides practical support to those who need to deal with challenging situations and conversations within the workplace while remaining positive and supportive.

Some of the benefits of attending this course include:

  • Gaining more confidence in dealing with tough situations
  • Spending less time having to deal with ‘people issues’ because you will find most of the cases easier and quicker to handle
  • Feeling a greater sense of ‘being in the driving seat’ of your role
  • Developing a healthier and happier team
  • Reducing your own stress levels
  • Working more effectively with a broader range of people and personalities

Joe will also be a guest blogger for Kentec Training from time to time, sharing his expertise and knowledge.

For more information, or to book a course, please call us on 0333 666 0555 and speak with one of our sales consultants today.