Kentec News : IPAF PAL+ Now Available using VR Simulator Kentec News : IPAF PAL+ Now Available using VR Simulator


IPAF PAL+ Now Available using VR Simulator

IPAF has announced that the use of virtual reality (VR) simulator can now be utilised as part of the IPAF PAL + Advanced Operator training and assessment. The IPAF PAL+ MEWP course is an additional one day of category specific training, aimed at those working in higher risk or complex environments, where a higher level of proficiency, familiarity and dexterity may be required (such as confined overhead spaces or challenging terrain). The IPAF PAL+ qualification has been a required criteria for net riggers and steel erectors working on Build UK (formerly UKCG) sites, from 31st October 2013.

This course is only available for those who have an existing valid IPAF Powered Access Licence (PAL) Card for the relevant MEWP category they wish to train on for the IPAF PAL+ Course.

As an approved Training Provider, we now have the option to assess delegates using the MEWP VR simulator from Serious Labs which overs an alternative environment to the standard PAL+ assessment which utilises MEWPs in a specially constructed superstructure.

From Wednesday 20th November, Kentec Training will be able to provide this advanced course for our customers and as an upgrade or renewal option for existing operators. The IPAF PAL+ Course qualifies for CITB Short Course grant funding.