Kentec News : COVID-19 Safeguarding Measures and Controls Kentec News : COVID-19 Safeguarding Measures and Controls



COVID-19 Safeguarding Measures and Controls

Due to the recent increase in cases of COVID-19, we have made the decision to update our measures and controls for all training taking place at our Training Centres.

Our main concern is the safety of our staff, delegates, and customers. As a responsible training provider, we will do our part in reducing and controlling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On arrival at our Training Centre

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure, we are conducting a simple screening process and signed declaration with all candidates prior to entering our training centres. Your participation is important to help us take precautionary measures to protect you and everyone associated with our training service.

Prior to entering the Training Centre, you will be greeted at the door by one of our team, who will sign you into the center and let you know what room to go to for your training.

We will ask each delegate and visitor that they have not, within the last 14 days;

  • Tested positive with the Coronavirus or been identified as a potential carrier.
  • Knowingly been in close contact with anyone who has confirmed COVID-19 or has displayed symptoms commonly associated with the Coronavirus.
  • Experienced any symptoms commonly associated with the Coronavirus like a continuous cough or high temperature. This means a temperature of 37.8 degrees or higher or coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual).

If the instructor or reception staff consider it unsafe for you to attend, for example, if you are displaying symptoms - you may be refused entry. This is at the discretion of the instructor or reception staff to ensure the safety of Kentec staff, delegates and visitors in attendance.

Covid-19 control measures will be discussed and agreed relative to the training facility covering venue house rules, reference to signage as applicable, social distancing and risk assessment.

Social Distancing
We’re all getting used to staying apart from others and this rule applies in the training centre just as it does in your local supermarket. The current Government advice is to stay 1 metre plus (1m +) apart and that’s what our guidance is based on.

Theory training rooms will be laid out, so delegates are not directly facing each other, and the seating arranged 1 metre apart.

Health & Hygiene

We will provide hand washing facilities (soap and water) and alcohol-based hand gel in areas where washing facilities are not readily available; delegates will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly.
We will carry out frequent cleaning and disinfecting equipment, controls, objects, and surfaces that are touched regularly, particularly in areas of high use such as door handles, light switches and reception areas using appropriate cleaning products.


Classroom Session PPE:
Delegates are required to wear the following minimum PPE:

  • 3-ply surgical face mask (face covering) or equivalent (this must cover the nose and mouth throughout the classroom session)

Practical Session PPE:
Delegates are required to wear the following minimum PPE:

  • 3-ply surgical face mask (face covering) or equivalent (this must cover the nose and mouth throughout the practical session)
  • Disposable gloves (Work gloves can be worn if sanitised first)
  • Any specific training course PPE requirements e.g. Safety Footwear or Safety Helmet

NOTE: PPE is available to purchase at the time of booking and during pre-course admin/induction (1 Face Mask and 1pr of Disposable Gloves are available at £1.00 inc VAT to delegates and visitors).

Delegates who are not in possession of their own PPE or who refuse to wear additional PPE and / or refuse to follow guidance on social distancing will not be allowed to commence / continue training. In any case where a delegate or visitor refuses to follow these rules, without documented medical exemption, they will be refused entry.

Welfare Facilities and Breakout Areas

Delegates and visitors may make adequate use of breakout areas, tea/coffee making facilities, vending machines, and toilets; this will be controlled to maintain social distancing and hygiene. We ask that all using these facilities ensure they sanitise their hands before and after use. We have increased the number of sanitising stations throughout the Training Centres to help safeguard all candidates and visitors.

Practical Facilities

Floor areas will be marked to show delegates where to stand, ensuring social distancing is adhered to; but also, to maximise their visibility and understanding of the practical training.

Where the social distancing requirements are unable to be maintained e.g. (demonstrating machine controls or intricate equipment detail) additional precautions like limiting the exposure time and wearing face coverings and gloves must be utilised.

Machine controls will be cleaned and disinfected between use by each delegate.

Virtual Classroom / E-Learning Courses
Recently released e-learning modules for IPAF, PASMA and Ladder Association allow workers / operators to maintain qualifications and licenses.

Delegates are able to complete all theory learning remotely via an e-learning module and follow up by attending one of our training centres at a later date for the theory assessment, practical training, and assessment.

We would like to thank all of our team, customers and delegates for their support during this unprecedented situation.