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Course Overview

Our Qualitative Face Fit Service is carried out by BSiF Fit2Fit registered and approved fit testers and takes approximately 20 minutes in per single fitting per person, The fit test provides individuals with a record to confirm that the RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) they have selected has been professionally fit tested to ensure a seal.

Recent research indicates that as much as 50% of all Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) used does not offer the wearer the level of protection assumed and one of the major reasons is that it simply does not fit the users face correctly! Yet, under the regulations RPE must be correctly selected and this includes, for many types of RPE, a Face Piece Fit Test conducted by a trained and competent person.

Our fit testers are trained by a leading manufacturer and competent to the standards required in the HSE guidance INDG479 and HSE53.

We can also provide onsite Qualitative Face Fit Testing for up to 10 test (half day) or 20 tests (full day). Please contact our sales team on 0333 666 0555 for more information and to get a quotation.

Please note that in order for the face fit tests to be accurate, the trainee MUST adhere to the following:

  • No eating, drinking or smoking for at least 30 minutes before the test is performed.
  • Be clean-shaven as stubble will prevent a good seal and the face fit test will fail.

Failure to adopt this requirement will result in the person NOT being tested.

If you wear Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) for your job role, then it is essential that you have documentary evidence to show the RPE fits the wearer. By subjecting each wearer to a face-fit test you can be sure that your organisation is meeting and fulfilling the requirements laid out in the Health & Safety Executives (HSE) guidance INDG479 and HSE53.

The training is specific to each person and includes:

  • How to check the mask is working properly before use
  • How to identify worn or broken parts
  • How to check the mask still fits
  • Limitations of the mask to be used

A Fit Test can be carried out in the initial stages of selecting RPE, where an untested face piece is already in use or when the wearer has any significant facial changes (i.e. weight gain or loss, facial hair growth, etc). Fit testing does not need to be done annually but it is recommended that face piece wearers receive annual refresher training covering the selection, use & maintenance of their face mask.

Successful delegates will receive a record of their fit test from the date of the course. An electronic copy will also be sent to the booking contact in order for records to maintained.

The agenda for the Qualitative Face Fit Service course includes:

  • Introduction to fitting session
  • Checking of suitability for testing by Fit2Fit assessor (i.e. free from facial hair)
  • Explanation of the qualitative face fit test process
  • Sensitivity Test with hood
  • Donning and checking of the RPE being tested
  • Performing Fit Test using Bitrex (bitter) or Saccharin (sweet) solution with hood, completing a series of seven exercises
  • Recording of test results
  • Issuing of face fit certification

If the face fit test fails, the mask will be rechecked and any necessary adjustments made, such as the positioning or tightness of the straps. If the RPE fails again, it may be necessary to select an alternative model or size of mask.

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