IPAF Harness Awareness and User (HA/HU) Operator Add-On

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Course Overview

Our IPAF Harness Awareness and User (HA/HU) Operator Add-On course is split into two modules:

A. Harness Awareness (HA) eLearning Module (Completed Prior to IPAF Operator Course - Approx 3-4 hours)

B. Harness User (HU) Practical Module (Completed during IPAF Operator Course)

IMPORTANT: The Harness Awareness (HA) eLearning Module MUSTbe completed prior to the Harness User (HU) Practical Module through self-study. The theory module provides delegates with the essential knowledge to select, monitor, manage, and plan the correct use of Harnesses and Lanyards for use in a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform).

Once the Harness Awareness (HA) eLearning module is completed, delegates will need to get in contact with our team and choose from our upcoming IPAF Operator course dates in order to complete the Harness User (HU) practical module. The Harness User (HU) practical module evaluates the delegate’s practical application of the knowledge gained in the IPAF Harness Awareness (HA) eLearning Module.

Please note that your practical assessment MUSTbe undertaken as part of an IPAF Operator Course.

This combined e-learning/practical course is the easiest way to ensure that delegates are fully competent to use a harness when working within a MEWP.

This course is a prerequisite for the IPAF Harness Inspection (HI) Course.

These add-on modules are aimed at individuals who will be responsible for using MEWPs in the workplace. The Harness Awareness (HA) and Harness User (HU) modules must be completed by anyone who will personally use a harness in a MEWP.

The Harness Awareness (HA) eLearning alone does not qualify a person to use a harness in a MEWP, and Harness User (HU) Practical Assessment must be completed before using a harness within a MEWP.

The practical Harness User (HU) Practical Assessment MUSTbe completed as part of an IPAF Operator Course.

Successful delegates will receive an IPAF Harness Awareness (HA) & Harness User (HU) ePAL license valid for 5 years.

As of June 2021, all successful delegates are registered through the IPAF Digital Card License Application (ePAL) system, making your IPAF certification accessible via the ePAL app on iOS and Android. This is inclusive within the course price.

Please note, physical IPAF certification and PAL card are not available for this course.

This blended course is a eLearning theory and practical assessment covering both Harness Awareness (HA) and Harness User (HU) respectively.

Harness Awareness (HA) eLearning Module

  • Introduction
  • Hierarchy of Person Fall Protective Equipment (PFPE)
  • Know your Equipment: Harness Systems
  • Anchor Points
  • Boom Platform Hazards: Stay Safe
  • Vertical Platform Hazards: Stay Safe
  • Pre-use Checks
  • Donning and Doffing
  • Cleaning and Storage
  • Summary
  • Theory Assessment

Harness User (HU) Practical Module

This practical module looks at the delegate’s ability to physically apply what they learned in the Harness Awareness theory training.

The Harness User practical module covers:

  • Pre-use check of a harness and lanyard
  • Fitting and adjustment of a harness and lanyard for use in a MEWP
  • Attaching to the correct anchor point in a MEWP and adjustment of the lanyard to provide effective restraint

This will be observed and assessed by the Instructor and marked as correct (pass) or incorrect (fail).

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